Dosa(without fermentation) / Lentil rice crepes

Dosa is a crepe made with rice and lentil batter.If you are looking for high protein ,high carb diet this is right for you.This recipe is quite forgiving because you can add lentils in varying proportions and get good results.

Why smother your breakfast with all the sugary stuff  when you have other options of slow energy releasing foods.Think about it….

Traditional dosa is made with rice and black gram dal (urad dal)batter in the proportion of 3:1,this batter should be fermented over night in a tall container as it rises and doubles ,only in ideal conditions .It needs warmth to ferment .Don’t be disheartened … I make it even without fermentation and it tastes good.

If you live in a cold place where fermentation doesn’t happen easily this is an ideal way of enjoying dosa.All the group B items gives aroma .Do add it.oh..almost forgot…cumin and asafoetida helps to digest dals better.  
Hey wait I have a condition u have to eat it hot only.Will tell u why towards the end of this drama…Smileys


A).Raw rice /Pachaari -1 cup ( uncooked)
black gram /urad dal-1/2 cup
moong dal-1 tbsp
channa dal -1 tsp
toor dal-1tsp

B).green chili-1 seeds removed
whole red chili-1 seeds removed
ginger a small piece
pearl onion-1
asafoetida – a small pinch
cumin -a small pinch
salt and pepper to taste
coriander leaves and curry leaves- add chopped to the batter, do not grind.


1.Soak group A ingredients for 3-4 hrs in water and grind  to paste adding fresh water to a flowing consistency now add group B and give it a few spins more till everything is combined.
2.Heat a wide non stick pan and pour the batter.From here on I assume you are not a South Indian to know the dosa making procedure .I have added  step by step images for ur convenience .
3.Spread the batter with a ladle in a circular motion to make concentric circles.This makes a thin crepe.The thinner the crepe the crispier it will be.

 Oh my God !! I never knew taking pictures with one hand and spreading the batter with the other hand could be so difficult.You won’t believe how many pics I messed up .When one hand focuses right the other pours the batter somewhere else.When the batter is in the right place the pic is turns out to be of the pan handle!!

Spread till the edge of the pan ..should be even

 4.You can make it crispy by drizzling less than half tsp of ghee or oil

5.Flip it once carefully so that the other side cooks well ,just till it turns slightly brown.

6.Fold into half and serve it crisp and hot.The first ones may not have good shape but as you practice you are sure to get it right.Commooonnn its a breeze once you get the hang of it.In our homes girls are encouraged to make dosas from teenage to get the shape right .

7.Serve with coconut chutney and sambar

These crepes can become really hard to eat as it cools down.Remember I told you to eat these crepes hot hot.. right from the pan.Yes ideally one person makes and the other one eats.Take turns to make it and enjoy.. 

The curries u see here are varutharacha sambar and coconut chutney.
I have not used any leaves so no  greens seen in the dosa,but i tell u they give u a wow factor…
The batter stays if fridge for up to two days. 

Hope you… ya …you…the one sitting and reading my recipe will have some patience left to write back to me…Smileys

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  1. Nisha

    Hi Meena,

    Love this recipe. I'd always thought that the Dosa had a lot of prep work. This one sounds a whole lot easier. I was just wondering though, with the rice, does it have to be cooked or uncooked rice?

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