Yucca root mashed/Kappa


This is my comfort food ,hmmmmm…I tell you.. once you get the taste of it you will agree with me totally.

 It is a hardy meal savored by Keralites mostly living near the coastline .

Yucca root is found in many parts of the world .Most Asian stores sell them so hope u will buy the right one and not any root:)

 Now grab a plate and spoon and try my version of  Kappa and fish curry .Kappa / yucca root is slightly mashed so that it just melts in your mouth and the tangy hot fish in coconut gravy adds just right amount of heat.

To clean kappa /yucca root/ tapioca

Cut the root into 3or 4 cylindrical pieces then with the knife remove the brown as well as inner pinkish thick peel.Now cut the pieces again diametrically and discard the thin white root towards the center of  it too.kappa should look clean without any blemishes or black lines .Wash the pieces well.


Kappa / yucca root-2 or 3 (medium size)
turmeric powder-1/4 tsp
cumin- 1/4 tsp
garlic-1 clove
cumin seeds- 1/4 tsp
green chili -1 (i love to use the red ripe one of it )
 fresh coconut grated- 1/2 cup(reduce if u want, but it gives flavor -u see 🙂
fresh curry leaves- 1 sprig
coconut oil- 1 tsp or more
salt-to taste 


1.Coarsely crush cumin,garlic ,shallot and green chili ,turmeric pd,salt and mix this well with hand into the grated coconut in a bowl and keep aside.
2.Cut the kappa into small pieces.Pour enough water to cover all the pieces and boil until its half cooked.It takes about 15-20 minutes , now drain off  all the water(DO NOT SKIP THIS STEP AS IT REMOVES THE IMPURITIES AND STARCH ) 

3.Pour enough water again and cook kappa .When the kappa turns transparent and the water is almost dried up add 1 (crushed mix)
4.Keep an eye as bottom might get burnt -so stir well until slightly mashed.Take it off the stove once the raw smell of garlic and shallot goes.

5.Immediately add curry leaves slightly  crushed with fingers and raw coconut oil mix well.Serve warm with tangy fish curry.

My husband and I love ,love, love this dish.We both have fond memories of this dish , reminds of childhood days.
We make this mostly for weekend lunch ,so there would be rice ,fish curry,veggies etc..to go along with yucca root and so it would only be eaten moderately  .I would not recommend taking yucca root all by itself as a big meal if u are going to sit on the couch all day:). 

Do let me know what you think of it.

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