Pazham nurukku / Nendrapazham sharkara ittadu / Plantain glazed in jaggery syrup

Plantain pieces are cooked in jaggery syrup.Jaggery and the ghee gives the plantain a golden glaze.Ghee/butter and cardamom smells divine .


Pazham nurukku is often made in Kerala homes as an evening snack .It is served along with tea. Only very ripe plantains are used for making this sweet and sticky snack.The pectin contents in the fruit helps to give the plantain pieces a soft jelly like texture.


Plantain-2(cut into thick round pieces)
Ghee-2 tsp(or 2tsp of butter)
jaggery-3 pieces (cubes or achu)
cardamom-2 to 3 crushed/powdered


1.Dilute jaggery pieces with 1/2 cup water and keep it aside.

2.Heat a non stick pan ,add butter/ghee and put the plantain pieces .Arrange it in single layer so that all the pieces are fried evenly then flip side.

3.When the plantains are browned slightly add the jaggery mix  and let it reduce to a thick syrupy consistency like honey.Then add cardamom powder/crushed and give it a good stir without mashing, remove from flame and serve warm.
Keep a close eye and cook on medium flame and do not mash up the plantain pieces while sauteing.

Jaggery is available in Indian stores .They look like brown or light brown cubes.I would not recommend buying short put sized huge pieces as breaking into pieces will become a big task.

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  1. Meena Kumar

    Shree,U can find them in Asian stores or Mexican stores.I have used safeway ones too but it has to be left on the counter to ripen full it may take few days.Once u put pacha kaaya in refrigerator then try to ripen it does not work.Hope that helps:)

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