Onion pickle/challas/sallas

Onion pickle is a super crunchy accompaniment with meat.

  It tastes yummy on top of burgers .We usually have it with cutlets, chicken or beef ularthiyathu and the onion pickle is called sallas. However I substitute  the vinegar with lime juice and it tastes  even better.I make it fresh every time I need and store the remaining in fridge for up to four days.

The pungent taste of the onion is reduced considerably.Let us say  by 80% happy!! 


Red onion -1 big thinly sliced lengthwise
lime juice-of 1 lime or vinegar -1 tablespoon 
salt to taste
green chili/ripe one- 1 cut into rounds


In a bowl mix all the ingredients and lightly squeeze it with hand .Let it rest for two hours or until the onions turn pink.
Store it in a glass bottle with a tight lid .How easy was that!

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