Nendrapazham halwa/ Plantain fudge / Kerala Plantain Halwa / Pazham varatti

Four ingredients and a little bit of patience can get u a
yummy tasting halwa that melts in your mouth.

Plantains, like banana, are believed to have originated in southeast Asia, having been cultivated in south India by 500BC.

Plantains are different from Cavendish bananas we usually see in the produce aisle .These are more fibrous and used for cooking in many parts of the world .Sweets and savories can be made from plantains which makes it so versatile.

Nendrapazham halwa is a speciality item you would find only in a few bakeries in Kerala but the demand is really high.

Call it fudge or halwa,this is a sweet preserve that can be tried out whichever part of the globe u belong to .


Plantains -4 (let it stay in the fridge and become really ripe 
                           and the peel turn black)                         
sugar-1 to 1 1/4 cup
unsalted butter- 1/2 stick or little more(at room                                      
cardamom – 4 (powdered)


1.Peel the plantains then cut into small pieces.I don’t bother to take out the tiny seeds inside.
2.Heat a wide mouthed nonstick pan pour around 1/2 glass
water and put the sugar,when water begins to boil add the 
plantains and cook on low to medium heat till the water 
dries up.

Keep an eye on it and stir .

3.Now comes the fun part keep stirring and start adding
 butter  only one spoon at a time when the plantain starts to
 stick to the pan.Ok now u may ask when do i stop stirring?

 4.When the plantain no longer sticks to the sides and u can
 see the  butter starting to appear add cardamom powder .
Give it a few more stirs .Remove from heat and transfer to a
plate ,level it and smoothen the top  well with a spoon or

 spatula then cut but let it set and cool before u take
 it out and  eat.

But wait..

If you want the halwa to look really brownish like this go on
stirring on low to medium heat  for some more time till the
 color u want.

Garnish with cashew nuts if u like.


Do use a heavy bottom pan. Instead of ghee i have used unsalted butter.In my opinion  there is not much of a difference .
As u can see I have made this several times.If u ask me, I would say it is not a big labor. The phone gives me company while I stir this dish and before i know the work gets done. Go ahead and make it on a really cold day when the warmth of the stove makes it a  happy place to be..

Let me know if u liked it


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