Idichakka thoran/Idichakka Podithuval / Tender jack fruit stir-fry

Idichakka is the raw tender jack fruit.To cut, clean and make into pieces is definitely a big job but it is worth the effort.If someone else is ready to do all that labor and u reap the benefits how cool is that..yes go in for the tinned or the frozen ones which reduces the work by one hunderedth .

My mom called this dish a strange name which is the exact translation of the Malayalam name to English just to make me eat and I guess it used to work all the time.”Thunder jack powder pen”funny naa….ok now to the fun part of making it.


1can of raw jackfruit
onion -1chopped
green chili -1 slit
urad dal-1 tsp
turmeric powder-1/4 tsp
salt to taste

mustard seeds ,whole red chili and curry leaves for seasoning
For coarse, dry grinding:
garlic-1 flake
cumin-1 small pinch
coconut -3/4 cup
Red chili powder-1 tsp


1.Open can and drain brine and wash jack fruit.Press it hard and it the jack fruit pieces will wilt away into into bits ,the bigger pieces can be chopped roughly.If using frozen cut into small pieces.

2.Heat coconut oil in a pan add seasoning first the urad dal when it becomes golden brown add green chili and onion saute till onion becomes soft add turmeric and the jack fruit pieces sprinkle little water add salt cover and cook until jack fruit is cooked now add the coconut mixture .

3 Mix everything well and let it stay on low flame till garlic ‘s raw smell goes and the dish is really dry and not sticky then remove from heat.

 Serve warm with rice and other curries.

You may ask if every malayalee knows to make thoran then why put a recipe here .I feel every family has their own dos and don’ts for stir-fry even though it is a staple dish in every household.Well there is no harm in writing because there may be someone in this whole wide world who might have bought a can of raw jack fruit and must be wondering what to do and stumbles on this page…
Very remote chance…I know…Smile yes u harm in smiling…

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