Cherry pickle

Cherry pickle is spicy but on the sweeter side.

I love pickling fruits but this  was completely a new one for me.

These red rubies were almost good to be stringed and worn around my neck.

 The simple drinking straw worked well for pitting this small batch .I must tell you, do it when you want some calming down 🙂  

Ingredients:  (recipe adapted from evolving tastes)

chili powder-1 tsp
turmeric powder-1/4 tsp
jaggery-2 cubes
lime juice of 1 lime
fenugreek-1/2 tsp(dry roasted and powdered)
asafoetida -1 small pinch
mustard-for seasoning
salt to taste


1.Wash cherries,pat them dry then pit them.Put 1 tsp of salt and let them sit for 1 day in room temperature.Strain off the salty water.
2.Heat oil add mustard when it pops add turmeric pd ,chili pd, cherries and jaggery ,stir for a few mts.
3.When cherries starts to break down add asafoetida powder , fenugreek powder  and salt to taste.Remove from flame and add lime juice.Bottle it when it is cool.Use it the next day.

I must tell u they tasted really good.If u are someone who likes sweet and sour taste then u are sure to like this pickle
I did not want  the cherries to become mushy so i didn’t leave it on flame for long may be that is why it retained the shape till the very end .

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