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    Vegan Vegetable Stew

    Vegan vegetable stew is a one-pot, very fragrant, mildly spiced, creamy, soothing coconut milk based comfort curry that is always a crowd fave!

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    Lemon cheesecake bars

    Lemon cheesecake bars are mildly sweet and citrusy decadent dessert. Creamy light, and airy flavor packed dessert ideal for spring and summer season gatherings.

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    Spinach Tofu Curry

    Spinach tofu curry is a dairy-free vegan option, a fusion dish in which shallow fried tofu is added to spinach gravy. Ideal protein rich comfort food to serve on weeknights with plain rice or bread.

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    Strawberry salsa

    Strawberry salsa, quick and easy side for grilled chicken or fish to have during the warmer months that is so fresh and cooling.

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