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    Fruit cake ( Short-cut )

    Fruit cake (short-cut) method is the easiest hassle-free old fashioned cake made with boxed cake mix and no soak dry fruits. If you are the last minute baker I have got you covered.

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    Milk Chicken

    Milk chicken – The most flavorful, succulent mild chicken roast made with whole milk and aromatics and a magical sauce. Ideal winter comfort food that feeds the heart & soul.

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    Cranberry Juice

    Cranberry juice- unsweetened and unprocessed. Pure jewel toned cold, hand pressed homemade juice without any machine. Deceivingly tart but soo good for your body.. let…

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    Butternut squash fries

    Butternut squash fries , a sweet nutty & flavorful easy fall favorite side dish loaded with potassium, vitamin A & C that is soft on the inside and crispy outside.

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