Side dish

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    Watermelon salad

    Watermelon salad with feta cheese and grapes is savory, sweet and perfectly tangy go to side dish with any grilled protein for hot summer days.

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    Brussels sprouts

    Brussels sprouts cooked perfectly on stove top ruby green, sweet, slightly crunchy on the outside and buttery with nutty flavor on the inside.

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    Spinach Tofu Curry

    Spinach tofu curry is a dairy-free vegan option, a fusion dish in which shallow fried tofu is added to spinach gravy. Ideal protein rich comfort food to serve on weeknights with plain rice or bread.

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    Greek Pasta Salad in Instant pot (Video Recipe)

    This Greek pasta salad is colorful and light, packed with crisp veggies, olives and feta cheese. A crowd pleasing side dish perfect for summer gatherings.

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