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Category: Random photos

Snow Pics

See what Barbara brought!Ā  This year’s formations and patterns for all those who would like to see snow. Enjoy!Here is last year’s winter collection That’s one heavy headed cat. . […]

New York Postcards

To continue my sequel of food surprises from my earlierĀ postĀ this time the question posed was,” Do u want to see New York again?” Even before I could respond the grown […]

Fall Postcards – 2015

If you were with me last year you would have seen Ā theseĀ Fall Postcards – 1Ā andĀ Ā Fall Postcards –Ā II.This year I thought of going for the Fall fruits. It was feast for […]

Winter Wonderland

As promised here are the snow pictures. I have tried to capture the formations and patterns before during and after the storm. No effects are added. Everything u see is […]

Fall Postcards – II

Here are some random pics of Fall that I took.All of them convey different moods as if they were characters in a movie, so please sit back and enjoy. Ā  […]

Fall Postcards

I have not posted anything other than food since quite some time and I am really glad to see messages from u asking me why. Here are the pictures I […]

Rain, Rainbow and Rambling

Hope you all are doing good. Long time right ! I missed u all. Thank you so much to all those who messaged and enquired, it was really sweet of […]