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Category: Indian sweet

instant pot rice and lentil pudding
Carrot halwa in instant pot 2

Carrot Halwa in Instant pot

A traditional North Indian sweet that is traditionally made on stove top for an hour is simplified here using electric pressure cooker and gets ready fast

Kaju Katli / Cashew nut Burfi

Kaju Katli / Cashew nut Burfi - A traditional famous cashew nut based sweet made with just 4 ingredients.Complex recipe simplified and made fool proof!

Coconut Burfi

Coconut burfi, an Indian sweet made with just 2 major ingredients coconut and sugar. Cardamom and ghee adds taste and aroma.

Sakkarai Pongal

Sakkarai Pongal is made with rice, lentil, ghee, jaggery topped off with fried nuts and raisins. It is made during Indian festivals and special occasions.