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    Instant mango pickle

    Mangoes… how you remind me of home.Freshly picked raw mangoes.Cut into pieces,head straight to salt bottle,sprinkle on the pieces and then what?? mmmmm….. if u…

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  • Poori/Puri

    Poori or Puri is an unleavened bread made using whole wheat.It is made for breakfast in most homes all through out India… except mine …until…

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  • Okra fried/Ladies finger fried/Vendakka fry

    Okra is marinated and fried like fish.This is an easy recipe one could make on a really busy day or tired day. Okra fried is…

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  • Peda/Milk fudge/Doodh peda

    Peda is an Indian sweet known by different names .It is a delicate milk fudge which melts in your mouth like butter.  Thank goodness I…

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