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instant mango pickle kerala sadhya recipe


Poori or Puri is an unleavened bread made using whole wheat.It is made for breakfast in most homes all through out India… except mine …until recently.Ask me why?The answer is […]

Peda/Milk fudge/Doodh peda

Peda is an Indian sweet known by different names .It is a delicate milk fudge which melts in your mouth like butter.  Thank goodness I don’t run a bakery of […]

Summer corn salad

Fresh corn is boiled and served chilled with hot, sizzling grilled steak or any meat. I am not a big fan of eating grilled corn on the cob because i […]

Shrimp fried/Konju /Chemmeen fry

Shrimp fried can be served as side dish or if u leave out the onion it becomes a sort after cocktail snack. If u are a shrimp lover u will […]

Onion pickle/challas/sallas

Onion pickle is a super crunchy accompaniment with meat.   It tastes yummy on top of burgers .We usually have it with cutlets, chicken or beef ularthiyathu and the onion pickle […]

Chicken stir fry/Chicken thoran

Chicken is marinated  with spices ,cooked, shredded and sauteed to perfection.This is very much a Kerala special dish because it is drenched in a coconut rain:). A super tasty stir […]

Yogurt and orange cake

Simple cakes are always a joy to bake  .This is an old fashioned cake to satisfy sweet craving without any frosting. Orange peel when infused with other ingredients imparts such […]

Cherry pickle

Cherry pickle is spicy but on the sweeter side.   I love pickling fruits but this  was completely a new one for me. These red rubies were almost good to […]

Watermelon sorbet

Imagine u went out to run errands come back home toasted in the sun ,ready to gobble up some ice to cool off .Here is a  small treat for your […]

Yucca root mashed/Kappa

  This is my comfort food ,hmmmmm…I tell you.. once you get the taste of it you will agree with me totally.  It is a hardy meal savored by Keralites […]