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Category: Easy dessert

instant pot rice and lentil pudding
Carrot halwa in instant pot 2

Carrot Halwa in Instant pot

A traditional North Indian sweet that is traditionally made on stove top for an hour is simplified here using electric pressure cooker and gets ready fast

Mango Pudding

Easy mango pudding made with arrowroot. No gelatin, no agar agar pudding recipe. A light summer dessert that would cool your stomach immediately.

eggless pumpkin pie

Eggless Pumpkin Pie

Eggless Pumpkin Pie - timeless classic with flavors of sweet pumpkin and cinnamon without the egg smell an ideal dessert to have during Fall season.

mango kheer, mango payees, Bengali dessert

Mango Kheer / Mango Payesh

Mango Kheer / Mango Payesh is a Bengali dessert made with sweet ripe mango, rice and milk which has a runny pudding consistency and no-fuss dessert that comes together in no time.