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Category: Decadent dessert ideas

Carrot halwa in instant pot 2

Coconut Burfi

Coconut burfi, an Indian sweet made with just 2 major ingredients coconut and sugar. Cardamom and ghee adds taste and aroma. 15- minutes coconut ladoo(Short-cut),Besan ladoo, Til Chikki,  Diamond cuts  are […]

eggless pumpkin pie

Eggless Pumpkin Pie

Pumpkin pie with ricotta cheese, our family favorite and the kitchen smells heavenly just like holidays are supposed to be.  I only wish I had few extra pair of hands […]

Vanilla Pudding with Fruit Jam Topping

A delicious vanilla pudding with colors of the season. Made from scratch! Spring is all about color and so are festivals be it Holi or Easter.Why not go for an […]

Caramel Apple Cake

Warm,squishy apple on top, cake on the bottom and caramel all over.  I cannot  tell you how comforting my past two days have been indulging in this melt in the […]