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    Vegan Vegetable Stew

    Vegan vegetable stew is a one-pot, very fragrant, mildly spiced, creamy, soothing coconut milk based comfort curry that is always a crowd fave!

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  • Banana muffins with cinnamon and walnut

    What is your thought on the warm banana & cinnamon scent wafting from your kitchen on a cold morning ? Would you like to let…

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  • Inside Out Grilled Strawberry and Cheese Sandwich

    If melting cheese is your comfort food then here is something sweet and savory…. Crispy crunchy caramelized cheese on the outside and warm melting gooey…

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  • Dosa(without fermentation) / Lentil rice crepes

    Dosa is a crepe made with rice and lentil batter.If you are looking for high protein ,high carb diet this is right for you.This recipe…

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