mushroom and leek curry

Mushroom and Leek Curry

Mushroom and leek curry A delicious vegan curry that is not too spicy and goes well with Black rice. A weekday summer meal sorted.

Mango Pudding

Easy mango pudding made with arrowroot. No gelatin, no agar agar pudding recipe. A light summer dessert that would cool your stomach immediately.

Madras Beef Curry

Madras Beef Curry, a western version of South Indian curry, originated and popularized by restaurants in Britain.

Beetroot Pickled

A simple vinaigrette and semi cooked beet turns into this garnet  color crisp juicy tangy pickle in every bite.

Vegan Salad

A grain, root, bean and nut salad. To keep things interesting all types of flavors and textures are added to the salad.