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    Best healing chicken soup

    Best healing chicken soup for the souls that need some comforting. Made from scratch to preserve the nutritive value and to get the basics right without any store bought stock or broth.

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    Sweet Corn Soup

    Sweet corn soup, a nice porridge kind of filling meal with with some pan seared chicken sausages and bread  for those cosy fall night suppers.…

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  • Tomato Soup

    A home style no fuss tomato soup for elevating ur spirits.  13°F (that is minus10 °C) max temp daytime… I mean seriously! the tropical girl of…

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  • Broccoli and Bell pepper soup / Broccoli and Capsicum Soup

    Before you run away thinking there is mashed and ground broccoli in it let me tell you the green tint of the soup comes from…

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