Fall Postcards – 2015

If you were with me last year you would have seen  these Fall Postcards – 1 and  Fall Postcards – II.
This year I thought of going for the Fall fruits.

It was feast for the eyes in all sense.The aroma of ripe apples engulfed me as I approached the trees like a hundred Yankee candles were lit together. I wonder why are we so used to the artificial and not the real. Lolll !

My herd reluctantly came for apple picking thinking of the hard work to be done but to our surprise it was such a beautiful experience unlike other places here the trees are dwarf which meant no climbing ladders or reaching above for fruits. All the apples were either at eye level or lower. Simply pick the fruit we want and fill the bag provided. What more they kept encouraging us to try before we buy!

The place has continuous free wagon rides on weekends making round trips around the orchard to drop u till the spot of the trees from entrance which was quite cool. Many elderly and disabled enjoyed it since they could pick the fruit effortlessly.

Look at the location and view is it not cool!

While all the people present there were working their ass off picking apples I was the only weirdo there with the camera photographing apples. Someone even thought I was from the newspaper Lol..Well, kind of true  I run a paper for myself right!
 As I stood there taking pics the young gentleman standing next to me said nice ,”weather..beautiful day!” had to agree it was indeed. Just then I heard him calling his grandmother saying nanna I am eating the sweetest apple ever shall I buy some and ship it to you? …how much do u want ? .. ok..alright.. I saw the guy later carrying tons of apples. I am sure that grandmother is one blessed lady. Is it not the most thoughtful gift and sweetest thing to send hand picked apples to grandparents.

You know sometimes it is not the location or the place its just the people around you that MAKE it a beautiful experience.

Fallen apples. . . . 
The food blogger in me kept saying there is so much dust on the apple I need to wipe it before I take pictures. Lol
……..and that’s apple of my eye.
Pumpkin patch and corn maze .. . . .
They are the best and sweeeeetesttt apples we have ever had. 
 We bought few seen below  🙂

This is not a sponsored post its just for the love of apples. #JohnnyAppleseedFarmCT Click here for the location and apple picking time etc..
If you are looking for an apple treat here is my favorite  Caramel Apple Cake .

Hope you like it

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