5 Advantages of ordering food online

        A bunch of your old friends call up and say they are in town. You are thrilled and want to treat them but knowing one couple has become pure vegetarian, the next one loves spicy Indian  meat dishes  and the last couple plus a  large family including kids have mixed taste . Since the group has strong food preferences it is definitely a task you do not want to challenge yourself with after a long day at work.
        Taking your guests  to a restaurant is a feasible option but it would become just another formal meeting .The time you can spend in the restaurant in the evenings is also very limited. The wait time for the table and above all when it is a large group unless you have reserved  in advance u don’t get to sit together. Usually they try to accommodate large group by joining tables etc but you can be just prepared to be split up into small groups too. Is that not enough to kill the enthusiasm of the old friends get together. So you want them to come home sit down, chat, make noise, say old jokes and stuffs like that which is definitely not possible in a crowded area.Coming back to main decision of what you are going to serve them.  What main course and dessert are you going to serve at such short notice ? Since cooking at home is ruled out the best option is ordering food . You know you have the trusted source of  all the restaurant information in your hand from PriceBurp.com. Everything is at your finger tips now. Since you are ordering food online, different cuisines from different restaurants lets see how Priceburp simplifies your otherwise cumbersome job.

1. Order food from different places at the same time.

 Simply go to Foodpanda India  and look up the cuisines and check the reputed places you like from your area. Browse through all the menu cards u like online. Look through the extensive choice of cuisines to satisfy any kind of food choice from North Indian, Biriyani, Pizza,Chinese South Indian etc. Before ordering look for Foodpanda offers too. Now no one needs to make a compromise like you do when in real restaurant and be limited with available options. Once u order food from the restaurants coming under the area they will all arrive at the same time you require.

2. Compare prices and rating of different restaurants.
The price of most food items vary in different restaurants. Each one has a different pricing strategy based on location, demand, type of crowd coming in etc now you can compare the prices of the same item you plan order in 2 or 3 restaurants you like. If you sit in an actual restaurant  you will not be able to do that. You need to check Foodpanda on PriceBurp to do such price comparisons and see actual prices. There is an extensive range of  affordable options available in the restaurant list that suits your budget. You don’t have to feel  the rip on your pocket in the name of treat.You definitely save on the guessing game of how much to tip the waiter too since the delivery charges are already stated in the page.Some places do deliver free of charge too.  Look for the restaurant ratings which are stars given by satisfied customers who recommend it to you to try there.
There is quite a variety of restaurants for everyone in Foodpanda  to choose from starters to main course to desserts. Non vegetarians and vegetarians can be satisfied at the same time.

3. Pay online and get food delivered at home.
 Sitting in the comfort of your home you can make payment through your credit card and the bills comes up with all taxes included or pay cash on delivery and collect the food at your door step at the assigned time. You need not wait in line to collect the order when your it  is ready nor even step out of the house to do that. If you have done collecting food from restaurants you know what I mean by waiting for your parcel aimlessly.If its raining then it gets even harder to take the large parcel without getting wet. Finally if it is a gravy dish you should have someone taking care of the container and holding it all the time to prevent the leakage and mess in the car. I am glad restaurants are ready to do that part now. Now ordering food cannot get any easier than this because Foodpanda takes care of it.

4.Use food coupons and deals for maximum discount.
This is the most exciting part of ordering food online . Why pay full price when you can get delicious food at a discount? While ordering food look for Foodpanda coupon codes to avail the offer.  Through your mail you get all the latest Foodpanda deals and  Foodpanda discounts.All you have to do is to copy paste the code at check out. Click here to see how the restaurant page with code looks. Some deals are buy one get one free others may be a percentage off or current deals of the month may be applicable. Look for filter restaurants column to narrow down your search and get maximum benefit from it. If you like the services provided by Foodpanda India then you could subscribe through e-mail and avail their exclusive restaurant discounts which will come in handy for your future use too.

5.Saves time
Let us be realistic in this busy schedule,would it not be awesome if someone saved you all the hassle of driving out in this crazy traffic, find a parking spot wait at each restaurant collect your orders and get back home on time. When someone is ready to take that trouble  you are left with ample time to look into other things needed.

Do you need  a  better reason to order food online? May be a little bit of planning can help you overcome a lot of little hassles in a breeze. One could concentrate more on friends since food to suit everyone’s taste is taken care of.


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