Fresh Fruit Cake / Guest Post for Ainy Cooks

This is a guest post for the blog Ainy cooks.

 Ainy/Noor runs a very popular blog on Pakistani recipes and most liked on Facebook. I got introduced to her thru Rafee’s blog .Ainy had put Pakistani Zarda recipe,a sweet rice dessert with gulab jamun ,rasgulla, dry fruits and nuts all in one now is that not heaven for a sweet lover like me if that is not enough check out Rice Kheer Omg what an idea!..She has many post on weddings customs and traditions which particularly interests me I find the rituals fascinating oh and needless to say about the spread of rich and yummy looking food.
I was not expecting a mail from you Ainy but I must say I am extremely glad u did. God bless your good heart for bringing me closer to you.
I know Ainy loves sweets and look who she invites! Another one with chronic sweet tooth :)) 
I don’t know if I have done justice to her likes but as you guys know I love love.. the idea of cooked fruits there is really something very addictive about biting into sweet tender fruit.

Ainy chose a few pics all the rest I am putting here for you .Hope u won’t get tired of seeing cake 🙂

Please head over for the recipe by clicking here

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