Blueberry cupcake with blueberry preserve glaze / Guest Post for RaaaZzzfoodlove

This is a guest post for Razina of RaaaZzzfoodlove

RaaaZzzfoodlove that is three times A to Z now that name is unique right, so is the blogger Razina! A blogger who cooks awesome feasts( in case u missed her iftar treats do check it)  and also takes time out of her busy schedule to actually join protest on serious social issues.Issues that need immediate attention. Ya, facebookies know how serious matters were few days back. Don’t you think we need more people like her in this world to actually speak out on  right matters.

Razina, thanks a lot for ur patience and waiting for me.
I wanted to take some colorful cupcakes with naturally colored glaze for this young and youthful girl.

Please hop over for the recipe and some decent pics:) click here

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