French Palmiers / Elephant Ears / French Heart Cookies

French Palmiers, a delicious crisp cookie made with puff pastry.

Love is in the air…it is.. isn’t it ? Married or not does not matter..does it …no…when it comes to love that should not matter right !
Be in love and be loved. Life is short so make it sweet.
…bake something sweet for yourself and for your sweet heart,something as fragile & crisp as love itself .

It is a beautiful cookie,very easy to make but if not closely watched like love  :)) can go terribly wrong and you can end up with burnt ones.. :))

Tricks to get palmier right:
1.Do not add too much sugar it will simply caramelize and burn before the cookie is done.
2.Right temp is very important for the cookie to puff up and brown evenly.

Ingredients:(Yields around 18-20 cookies)
Puff pastry sheet – 1
Sugar – 2-3 tsps

1.Thaw the puff pastry as per the pack instruction.On your work space spread 1tsp sugar evenly as much as the size of the pastry.Unroll the puff pastry spread 1 tsp or slightly more sugar on it uniformly.
2.Fold the two sides of it lengthwise to the middle.
3.Fold both sides once more to the center. Need not be really tight.
4.& 5.(Pic below)Fold one last time so that one side is on top of other. Make sure they are equal and the sides for the heart shape.
6.Instead of a knife take a pair of scissors and cut into 1 cm long pieces.You will notice the edges are looking pointed.
7.(see pic) slightly open the roll and dip your finger in water just to wet it and touch the middle of the heart.Press it lightly so that it sticks (don’t make it soggy though).Smoothen the pointed edges .
8.On a cookie tray with parchment paper  lay the cookies leaving enough space to expand.
9. Preheat oven to 400 F meanwhile pop the cookie tray into the fridge.When the oven is ready bake first side for 5-7 minutes or until the base is yellowish brown.
10. Turn and bake for 3-5 minutes.Do not over crowd cookies, do it in batches so u will get enough time to turn it without it sticking to the paper.
All the layers should  puff up only then it is done,cool on wire rack.dust with sugar (granulated) when completely cool (optional) . Store in airtight container up to 4 days.

  • The raw puff pastry gets sticky in room temp so put in the freezer if u have thawed for too long.
  • The steam trapped in the layers of the pastry helps the pastry to puff  so cooler the better.

If you are looking for similar store bought dough cookies ideas which does not need cookie cutter :

Hope to hear from you lovely people out there.
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  1. Tisa Jacob

    Your palmiers are perfect, Ms Meena. I remember eating the commercial variety in India, were they called little hearts? Yours looks so much more wholesome, and so so pretty.

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