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Title :Butter paper !

Priya happens to run this month’s French cuisine too so I wanted to combine the two and post. As I sat thinking about a soup to go with the theme one evening  here comes the husband with a baguette.How the hell did he know I wanted something like that !..He usually brings herbed baguettes that are pre-cut into very thin slices.But this time he brought a full loaf …I know baguette arrangement is not a post but if the chefs here call it an episode why not me:))

Baguettes are really dry bread which is kind of hard to chew it needs little work to pep up and be ready to eat.Apply a nice jam and u can eat it. If u want to make it savory then go for something more garlicy.

So I run a raw garlic clove on each piece the bread acts like a scrape and catches everything in it, drizzle some olive oil and bake for say 5-6 minutes at 350 F.Then of course slather some butter and enjoy a nice breakfast.
 Title : Baguette Breakfast


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  1. Priya

    Look at the perfect slices! Absolutely love that click Meena 🙂 And that Baguette Breakfast is also perfect. Looks like a breakfast that I would love to have 🙂 And Ha ha. Who was the baguette arranging chef?

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