Nectarine and Apple jam / Nectarine preserve / Preserve without pectin/ Guest post for FoodOlicious Pictured

 This is a guest post for the lovely lady Rekha of  FoodOlicious Pictured . A blogger I met through blogosphere and made an instant connection with. She blogs on all kinds of cuisines but I have to admit the non vegetarian dishes are my favorite.Chicken and fish simply haunts me 🙂 Food is always  deliciously pictured there.

Do you like nectarines?It is from the peach family and ideal for fruit based recipes, it provides volume without overpowering taste or smell.  I have made Nectarine cobbler cake  earlier,it tastes awesome. 
So for Rekha’s blog I made Nectarine and apple jam .Infact this is the third time I am making jam in a row. My daughty just loves it.
Here is a sneak peek. 
… shall we take a look at what I have made ….Click here to see the recipe.


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  1. Meenaaaa…sometimes seeing certain paintings we feel like they are so real, whereas here its vice versa, a glance at that white nectarine snap you have so beautifully captured, I feel like I am looking at a beautiful painting….absolutely beautiful!!

  2. Love the fiery effect on that jam click Meena 🙂 Nice capture on that Nectarines too. I always love the way how you make those fruit shots look so beautiful – as though they have been painted 🙂 Hoping over to Rekha's to read the post 🙂

  3. Hi Meena, You got some delicious jam in hand. I bet it so perfect with morning toast. Do you mind follow each other? I really like your blog. count me in as your new follower:)

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