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Lychee payasam / Litchi Kheer / Litchi rice pudding / Easy dessert recipe

A payasam made with rice ,lychees and milk. A very versatile dessert to go with any type of cuisine .

If you are tired of the regular plantain and jackfruit payasams then this is worth trying as it does not need too much time to cook. My earlier success was with  Tender coconut payasam , an easy recipe I would urge u to try , must say it was  very well received by my herd.
I know u must be thinking nothing beats traditional ones :)) I too like it and love to stir for hours when there is company  in the kitchen but not when everyone is watching t.v and I break my neck in the heat :).My lady friends who manage the kitchen alone understand that feeling very well right!!! :)))

Lychee paysam is somewhere in between phirni and our ari paysam..I got this recipe from youtube. Remember a few days back I told u about the bag of lychees. I tried two recipes  the first one being Tender coconut and Lychee pudding.For onam I made a simple ari payasam and  spent more time for vada kootu curry- recipe coming soon.

Donoo what these pinks say to you but  I am so much reminded of the face compacts my  aunts had .I so was obsessed with those pink cakes until I was allowed to wear make up.I still have some of their empty cases..:)) So many products come and go but there is something unique about having a compact with  one half of it telling you to paint a rosy picture and the mirror half  magnifies the face and laughs in mockery.

Ingredients: (Yields 4-5 cups)
Lychee – 15 (fresh lychee is used here)
Basmathi rice – 1/2 – 3/4 cup
Whole milk- 3 cups
Sugar -3/4 – 1 cup
Heavy whipping cream- 1/2 cup
Almond –  8-10


1. Remove the peel and seed of lychee fruit  and discard it .Cut the pulp of each into four. Boil  half cup of water and sugar wait until sugar is dissolved then put the lychee pieces into it and boil for another 4 minutes and set aside .
2.Wash the Basmathi rice well and soak it in 1 cup water for one and a half hours.Then  grind rice coarsely with the water.
3.In a heavy bottom pan pour the ground rice and milk , boil until the rice is cooked well. Add heavy whipping cream wait until it boils for a minute and then switch off flame and add the sugar syrup along with lychee mix everything well .
4.Crush the almonds and season on top of the payasam . Chill it well and serve.
Payasam stays good up to two days if refrigerated well.


  • You may reduce the quantity of rice if u are looking for a slightly runny consistency as the payasam thickens after some time.
All the lovely people out there do let me know if you liked it.


This recipe is sent to Pramitha love cooking

This recipe is sent for favorite recipe event hosted by The Big Sweet Tooth


  1. that's your saree or dupatta? first thing that's catch my eyes. anyway, it looks so tempting. you are posting very late lychee dishes, east coast is done with lychee, I have to wait for next year now. I will bug you that time for this recipes.

  2. Ha haaa Linsy no woman is different when it comes to fabric right!It is my dupatta. Sick of wood bg so for a change :)) went with pink.I know yaar lychee season is over in west coast too :(.It was drowning in my drafts so thought better post late than never.:))

  3. what beautiful clicks and the recipe is so unique too πŸ™‚ would love to try this, and love your header too

  4. Wow lychee payasam sounds delicious::) the pictures look great. I am in love with first and second pictures

  5. Hi there, I found your blog through a random have a nice blog. Love the color, theme, super clicks. I will probably be back again..

  6. First of all I love the header of your blog. Second, the pic composition looks beautiful and the payasam just got added to my favorite list of payasams. Thanks for sharing this amazing recipe.

  7. I was thinking what you are going to whip up with lychee, when I saw the post. This is delicious.I will try for my self as hubby wants everything traditional in the case of payasam.

  8. Presentation hmm…. awesome .looks interesting .Like linsy said there's no lychee πŸ™ here.Waiting to try this.

  9. Looks simply yummy ! I'm gaping at the clicks…so pink and beautiful ! love the line about the compact case…I was never allowed to wear make up at home and whenever I used to see my friends have it in their bag it used to look so attractive πŸ™‚ though I've never ever used it πŸ™‚

  10. Priya, thank you… I know this late post πŸ™‚ Lychees are in season for very less time but canned lychee too can be used I have not tried it though πŸ™‚

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