Lychee and Tender coconut pudding/ Litchi and Tender coconut dessert / Easy recipe

 The fragrance of the lychee fruit is like an exotic perfume and the pulp is really  luscious.

Did you know lychee has been a sought after fruit since long long time .Wiki says in the 1st century fresh lychees were in such demand at the Chinese Imperial Court that a special courier service with fast horses would bring the fresh fruit from Guangdong.  The emperor had the fruit delivered at great expense to the capital.I am not at all surprised because that is how enticing the fruit is!!

So when my crate  bag arrived I tried two recipes .The other one will be coming soon.
As I began peeling the fruit the peel started curling finally turned out  into all these roses u see here.I ended up with a bed of roses. That pic in my face book page : ) 

This recipe is adapted from  Blessings From My Kitchen .I knew Tisa had  this  recipe in her blog so as soon as I got hold of some fresh lychees I went  straight there but some how I could not open her blog.Next day I contacted Tisa and she immediately mailed me the recipe.Is it not a blessing to have such blogger friends!!Thank you so much dear my husband I just loved the pudding.

Ingredients : (Yields around 4- 5 small bowls)

Whole milk- 1  cup +1/4 cup
Condensed milk – 1 can
Tender coconut pulp with water – of 1 coconut or half pack if frozen
Lychee 12-15
Gelatin-1 packet(around 2 tsp)


Boil the milk and condensed milk together and set aside to cool down.
Roughly chop the tender coconut pieces and lychee.
Warm up the 1/4 cup milk and mix the gelatin in it.
Combine the  milk,the fruit pulps and the coconut water and the gelatin mix well,pour into individual serving bowls and refrigerate until firm. Serve in the those bowls itself.

       Pudding is not intended to  be turned upside down.I just wanted to see how well it will hold its shape !

Love to hear from u guys.


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58 Replies to “Lychee and Tender coconut pudding/ Litchi and Tender coconut dessert / Easy recipe”

  1. sangeetha pn

    Seems to be a lovely combo.. Can imagine the flavors.. I love tender coconut pudding.. I know the flavor that lychee offers.. I have had lychee milkshake n I must say I loved it.. So combi of both in pudding is a marvelous idea..

  2. Priya

    We make tender coconut pudding. But never put lychees in it Meena. That seems to be a lovely combo. And beautiful clicks too 🙂 Can't wait to see what you did with the rest of the fruits in your lychee crate 😀

  3. Priya R

    WOW so beautiful the lychee skin roses 😉 and the pudding is to die for I have always wanted to try tender coconut pudding this looks so so yum 🙂 your clicks are gorgeous

  4. Rekha Vengalil

    I was waiting to for this post… I knew you had done something with lychee.. 🙂 what a wonderful recipe and awesome pics Meena 🙂 You really have some patience with peeling the skin. You have crafted it perfectly

  5. Meena Selvakumaran

    i love the blog logo,it is so nice.then ,the lovely roses and all the clicks.looks so professional.cute post Meena.

  6. Abbe Townsend

    What a beautiful recipe, Meena! I've only ever eaten lychees once because I'm never quite sure what to do with them. I really would like to give this a shot 🙂

  7. Divya Shivaraman

    last click is adipolli…love those cute flowers…wonderful idea meena…coconut and lychee is sure a great combo

  8. Nupur UK-Rasoi

    What an amazing recipe Meena, very interesting combo.. First time on your blog and loved it here.. Wonderful and inviting pictures too..

    glad to follow you dear , do visit me 🙂


  9. Shree

    thats a gorgeous header Meena ! Ha ha, talking student : Meena ! that's hilarious ! by the way, lychee skin flowers look so perfect !and the pudding too! Aake motham adipoli !

  10. Sona - quick picks/pick quicks

    now !! this was what i was waiting for..ever since i saw it in fb ! i was wow!! and Meenammaa (SRK style 😛 )… u rock eda !!! the clicks are soo soo cuute!!! the backdrop, the way u lay the flowers, the click..the logo, the curly baseline..awesomeness !!!

  11. Chitz

    Great great pics dear.. Fb ill kandappo thanne njan flat.. That 2nd & 3rd pic makes me go gaga 😀 😀 And an interesting pudding too.. I am also a lover of lychees 😉

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