Awards from blogger friends

It is raining awards at my space.Here are those in the order I received. 
Sona from  QUICK PICKS gave me these two awards:

Ambreen from SIMPLY SWEET ‘N’ SAVOURY gave me these two awards:



Nilu  from KITCHEN SERENITY gave me this award.

Thank you so much dearies for thinking of me.
I am sure u get an over dose of  ABC about me in my posts 🙂
Actually I suck at giving out awards so forgive me guys.

                Here are a few miscellaneous pics I took recently.Even though I love bright sunny days to take  food pics slightly foggy days are my favorite when it comes to outdoor pics.Somehow it looks dramatic and my perfect stage is set for imagination.!:))

One day before full moon.
Full moon  on the  hill top after dark. Hope you can see a bench on the right end. I know it looks so unrealistic compared to the earlier pic:)

Hope to hear for you lovely people out there.


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  1. Chitz

    Congrats on the awards dear, u deserve more 🙂 And awesome awesome looking pics.. Lovely it looks the fog & the moon ! U r a great photographer too & dreamy like me 😀

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