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Mango ice cream / Egg less mango ice cream / Ice cream without machine / Ice cream recipe.

Homemade mango ice cream  made without cooking or thickening. Just mix and set is that not hassle free!!!

The ice cream scooper simply glides through, dredges deep enough and gives a neat scoop which is perfectly smooth.  Don’t you think it is such a relief  when there is no ice crystals to deal with  nor do u have to frown while taking a scoop !!!

Making ice cream has been in my mind for a long long time but I don’t know why it took me so many years to finally zero down to a flavor I am madly in love with . To begin with I had many inhibitions about making ice cream with eggs,without ice cream maker or ice cream powder.  phew!!! it took me a while to realize the war was in my mind.You won’t believe how thrilled I was to see the outcome of my trial for the very first time.

As a kid other than occasional cassata, falooda or vanilla  ice cream I never really liked anything else . I was always after pretty cakes. Still think cakes and ice cream are not contenders as the latter seems too weak …What do you think !!!

Over the years my likes have changed and so is the myriad of flavors available.Went in for  a good net search finally tweaked and kind of perfected I have made  this recipe a few times now.I have to say it is ridiculously easy.
So here is the mango avalanche for you guys to enjoy this summer….

Kesar mango pulp  – 1/2 of 750 ml can
Heavy whipping cream – 1 pack 450 ml
Whole milk – 500 ml ( 2 cups )
Granulated sugar – 3/4 to 1 cup

Mix milk and sugar to it add mango pulp whip it well with fork then add heavy whipping cream whip it well with fork or pour into blender whip it well till everything is well combined .You just cannot go wrong however much you plan to mess up !!! Pour into a container and put a tight lid.
Freeze it first for two hours.Before it freezes completely whisk 3-4 times in between with a fork so that the crystals are broken at 1 to 2 hours interval. Then leave it undisturbed overnight .Then ur homemade ice cream is ready to be served.
I tell you it is worth the wait :))

Hope you guys enjoyed it , do let me know which flavor gets ur attention the most.



  1. this was infact my first icecream attempt… and since i made it at night, i didn't beat it much, still the crystals were missing, and that's the beauty of whipping cream! seriously… you know how many icecreams i've already featured on the blog. anything with whipped cream will come out beautifully while others need to be beaten every couple of hours atleast 3 times… the icecream looks so yummy… valya oru pathramundallo… freezer packilittu kurachu courier cheyyo??? 😉

  2. Hey Rafee ya the whipping cream saves the ice cream.I did a complete search from history of it till present he hee:).Ice cream ayakamalloo adienda :).Thank you dear.

  3. Wow this georgous. Even I have been thinking of to and I guess I should soon.. Thank you sweety for sharing the recipe. Will adapt from yours 😉

  4. Hello Kalaakari 🙂 That pencil drawing looks fantastic – Nerathe arinjillallo varakkumennu 🙂 My Mom used to do the whole lot of them – Pen sketches, pencil drawings, oils and water colours. Those framed memories are all we have of her now though.

    Loved that second click – Looks so cheerful and bright 🙂 Perfect texture and my fav flavour too! Engane valiya paathrathila icecream undakkunnathengil, I would catch a flight and come there ;);) (My childhood preference is still with me – Ice cream over cake :D)

  5. Meena, I say you are one talented lady with the sketch and a big bowl of yellow icecream. loved your pencil sketch and don't let your talents die. I'm sure you can scrape a little time for that.

  6. forget the ice cream, portrait is so awesome. you should do that more often too with cooking, ok ok who says no to mango ice cream. come on, its yummy too.

  7. well decribed post…loved reading every word…your drawing is fab…keep going with that am sure you will have a collection to treasure…meena ice cream kalakki…wonderfully scooped…

  8. wow wow Meena ! the ice cream looks perfect. But I am awestruck by that sketch in the background ! U r so talented ! love the last pic as well ! great job Meena ! Expecting more sketches from u here 🙂

  9. Wow.. I am drooling Meena.. Such a perfect double scoop over there.. I am bookmarking this easy one.. So smooth & yummy they look.. And the picture that u drew looks perfect !! Oru gochu tharam aanallo madam 🙂

  10. Meena—–>Culinary artist:-) Perfect ice cream for summer,love that colour and it makes me droooool.The portrait looks amazing too..How come dear?? 🙂

  11. Meeeeeena ice cream ready here hahaha.. I made a blueberry one with some more ingredients but your method & oh its turned out soo creamy.. its raining here so waiting for the sun to peep to get some pics…

  12. Hee hee Priya….
    So sorry to hear about mom.A void no one else can fill and their hobbies & creations are priceless to us.

    Anytime come over dear.Why limit to ice cream I will make a feast for u.
    Really u are an ice cream girl! Well then cakes are going for a stiff competition :))

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