BWW # 90 and Color me event

How about some goofing around 🙂
I have visited Disney land and Disney World at different times of the year Sometimes it is a rainy day, then coldest days, scorching hot days, not so crowded days ,even on a Christmas day when they told us the park is “filled to its capacity”we were given free tickets to visit their adjacent  adventure park and be back after four in the evening.
There may be an influx of animated cartoon in the recent years but the long line to stand near the Disney characters and take a snap has never reduced.It sometimes goes to one hour wait to pose with a single character.The frenzy of seeing them  is still alive even in a 80 year old granny who until that spot comes in a wheel chair but happily stands up and strikes a pose for a photo . More than the kids I am sure it is the adults who enjoy there simply by reliving a dream.
Small World  is their most famous ride with dolls ,dolls and more dolls. There is not one bit of exaggeration when I say the queue seems never ending.Believe me however much one grows up there is still a child in him. Don’t you think so??
Over to my pics now to unleash  the child in you…with some milk and cookies.
Look closely  at their expressions and they do convey a story to you.

This goes to the 90 th Edition of Black and White Wednesday – a Culinary Photography Event created by Susan of The Well-Seasoned Cook, now organized by Cinzia of Cindystar and hosted this week by Priya of The Humpty Dumpty Kitchen

                                                   TITLE : MILK AND COOKIES

The second pic is going to Priya’s   “The Colour Me Photography Challenge Series” (
This month’s color – White


Hope you liked the pics 🙂


25 Replies to “BWW # 90 and Color me event”

  1. Chitz

    Looks cute Meena 🙂 Lovely.. As u said, it's very true, there's a child in every adult.. I admit !! Even I wud pose near a Mickey or Donald 😉

  2. Navaneetham Krishnan

    I am hoping that I will be able to make a trip to Disney. Its really far away and will cost quite a bit. So let's see what happens. The characters around the glass of milk somehow are making me happy today. Simply stunning.

  3. Meena Kumar

    Hey I guess happiness is contagious Priya :)I know we all grew up seeing those cartoons right!However old we are those characters stay fresh in our mind:)

  4. Priya

    Yeah, those cute little things made me too happy Meena 🙂 Reminded me so much of those little Disney World Books that my Sister and I used to have as little kids. My mom allowed us to collect them even when we were quite past that age. (I even made my mom stitch a scene from one of the books and frame it :)) May be I will bring a book back from home the next time I visit 🙂

  5. Nilu A

    I agree too Meena – “Inside every adult there's still a child that lingers.” Loved the cute pics.. Really cool dear 🙂

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