Schezwan noodles / Mixed noodles / Szechuan noodles (Indo-Chinese)

Schezwan noodles are really spicy and pungent, something you would crave for if you have lived in India long enough to adapt to the Indo – Chinese version of it. India sure is a melting pot of  a lot of cuisines .You won’t have to rack your brains when you see how close Sichuan  province is to Indian borders,  so it is but natural how their dishes became popular with the spice loving Indians right!!

Not convinced ! well… blame it on the similar climate .What ??  Did you know that spicy food is eaten in hot and humid climates to sweat more and cool off the body .Surprised !! 🙂 .The chili pepper used in the original cuisine is sichuan pepper but the Indians use the chili flakes available to them.I must say the name remained but  the noodles recipe has been altered heavily over the years to suit the taste. The key is to use colorful, fresh ingredients and balance the flavors.

I make the sauce in advance and keep in an airtight container.I make little more than needed and used for other recipes too.Just for one use eh!!Now u need enough for blades in the mixee to run and give a fine paste 🙂 .You could use store bought szechuan sauce too.

Ingredients to make sauce:

Sesame oil-2 – 3 tsp
Garlic – 6-8 flakes chopped finely
Red chili flakes-4 tsp or Whole dried red chili-5 to 6
Ginger a 1/2 inch piece chopped finely
Vinegar- 1 tbsp
Soya sauce -1/2 tsp
Salt- 1/2 tsp


1.Soak the chili in little bit of water and grind it to a thick fine paste using the water used for soaking.
2.In a non stick pan heat oil, add garlic, saute then ginger ,saute it till the raw smell goes and slightly browned.Now add the chili paste saute till the oil separates but it should remain red itself, then the vinegar and soya sauce,salt and a pinch of sugar if u like.

 Ingredients for the noodles -(serves 3 )

Hakka noodles / Any noodle of ur choice-  1 pack (should have four blocks)

Chicken- 1 -2 cups cooked and cut into thin strips.

Sausage/ franks- 2 to 3 cut into pieces
Egg 2
Red bell pepper- 1/2 cut into thin strips
Green bell pepper- 1/2 cut into thin strips
Cabbage- 1 hand full of thin strips 
Carrot-1 cut into thin strips
Red onion- 1/2 cut into thin strips
Celery – a small stick chopped finely
Spring  onion- 3 to 4 stalks,cut into small rounds
Ginger- 1/2 inch chopped
Garlic – 4 -5 flakes chopped
Ajinomato or sugar a smallest pinch
Vinegar -1 tbsp ( I use rice wine vinegar)
Salt and pepper powder to taste
Peanut oil/ sesame oil- 3 tsp


1.Cook the noodles as per the instuctions on the pack adding 1 tsp oil and drain off excess water.If the noodles look sticky add 1 to 2 cups cold water rinse and drain off the water that way the starch is washed off.
2. Cook the chicken and sausage and keep it ready also scramble the eggs adding pinch of salt and pepper and keep it ready.
3.Heat oil to it add garlic and ginger when the raw smell goes add onion now increase the heat add carrot and celery saute then bell peppers and cabbage add the meats ,2-3 tsp szechuan sauce  we made,vinegar,ajinomoto or sugar salt and pepper give it a good stir and add noodles.Mix it  until sauce coats all the ingredients well.Switch off flame and serve it hot with scrambled eggs and spring onions on top.


  • You could add cooked shrimp.french beans,sprouts etc…
  • Keep the meats cooked,vegs julienned and the noodles cooked ready.When it is ready to serve just assemble and cook that way you get to eat it hot hot 🙂
  • The vegs should be crunchy ,it should not be fully cooked and limpy.
  • I have added wiki links to the Sichuan province and sichuan pepper to satisfy my curiosity .Hope it satisfied urs too:)
Serve it with other Chinese gravy if u like but for us this is a complete meal so we do not prefer any side dish other than a clear soup may be. I somehow do not like to bombard the noodles with too many sauces.How about you?
Do let me know if u liked it.

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