Falooda / Shahi faluda / Royal falooda

Falooda is an ideal summer dessert  made with many ingredients all layered and served chilled.There are different textures and flavors going to roll around your taste buds..are you ready for it ?

Falooda is a kaleidoscope of colors and shapes thrusting against the wall of the glass  container competing for attention wow..it is royal  with rose syrup and basil seeds looking like rubies and pearls..Is my imagination running wild eh?? can’t blame mee!!Smileys
I mean… Take a look at it  !! Don’t they deserve some compliments !!!

Falooda  is believed to be a Persian descendant  brought to India by the Mughals. But how did they serve it chilled in those days ? If you are curious like me ,do read here.

I am fortunate enough to be exposed to many different cuisines and all thanks goes to the diverse surroundings I traveled with Mom.Every dessert I blog about has a sweet memory attached to it.  That leaves me spoilt for choice on the hind sideSmileys

Now I am someone who cannot wait and wait endlessly till I have all the ingredients ready with me to make a dessert …Yes!my craving for falooda was that bad so I had to go for it this weekend.SmileysAs summer is still lingering around the falooda darlings all decked, were a much sought after dessert  in the hot afternoon..

 Rose syrup is the essence of this but I had a homemade raspberry syrup so I substituted with it and I am skipping jello too but I am probably going to gather all that and  going to go for a full fledged falooda soon….Falooda is a very popular dessert in India so people go out of the way to tryout different flavors and combinations.Here is my take on it .


Rice noodles – 1 big cube(use vermicelli if u have,cook as per pack instruction )
Milk -1-2 cup(depending on the glass u r going to serve)
Sugar -3 tbsp
Tukmaria / Basil seeds- 2 tbsp
Rose syrup / Rooh afza – 6 tsp {I used raspberry syrup instead)
Pistachios- few
Almond- few(soak it in warm water remove skin and powder / grind  it)
Vanilla icream- 1-2 scoops per serving

Jello-make as per pack instuctions- diced
Fruit of your choice- diced


1.Cook rice noodles adding water.Once cooked strain off excess water.If long snip into smaller stands with scissors.
2.Boil milk and add sugar and powdered almond.Let it thicken,stir constantly then add the cooked rice noodles remove from flame.Keep it to chill in refrigerator.
3.To half glass water add tukmaria seeds and let it stand till it absorbs water and doubles in sizes.Chill it too..
4.Chop pistachios roughly for garnishing
Now for the fun part – assembling
Take tall glasses and pour the milk mixture first,then spoon in tukmaria soaked then fruit ,jello finally scoop of ice-cream and pour the rose syrup on top .top it off with a sweet cherry and the pistachios.Or make the milk thickened pink by adding rose syrup in the bottom layer.
Layer it any way u want only imagination can stop u Smileys.
Serve it chilled with straw and spoon .. because half way through the basil seeds will tell you to put down the straw and pick up the spoon to scoop out .Save ur face!!Smileys


If u do the prep work ahead of time it is very easy to assemble when it is time to serve.Ideal for  a party or gathering.Just make sure you don’t disturb the layers while assembling.
Tukmaria and Rooh afza is usually  available in Indian stores.

Now I did not have some ingredients and even a tall glass for that matter ,but nothing could stop me from making it .Do you feel the same when you have a craving attackSmileys.Love to hear from you.


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  1. Rafeeda AR

    Falooda has been on my list for so long… maybe i should get my hands together during the weekend… here in our local pakistani sweet shop, they serve it with kulfi… cant express how good it tastes… 🙂

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