Yogurt and orange cake

Simple cakes are always a joy to bake  .This is an old fashioned cake to satisfy sweet craving without any frosting.

Orange peel when infused with other ingredients imparts such a beautiful aroma ,u just need to experience it to believe what I say.
All those who know about it,i can see u nodding.
Here is a piece of cake for u to try  .Try it and tell me.

I like to use the orange rinds instead of sogging cake with the orange juice as I like to bite the tiny orange bits.Yogurt gives the cake a smooth texture.I have used self rising flour as it contains baking powder and salt  so no hassle of sifting it well.

All you will need:

self rising flour-1 cup
unsalted butter-1stick at room temperature
yogurt-6 tbsp whisked well
sugar-1 cup 
orange rinds-4 to5 pieces
vanilla extract-1 tsp

Now proceed:

1.Grease and dust a 9″ cake pan
2.Cream butter and sugar till well combined then add yogurt.
.Beat the eggs till light and fluffy add it to the mix now slowly add the self rising flour little at a time and fold into the mixture till all the flour is used up.Add the finely chopped orange rinds and fold in once more.Pour into cake pan.

3.Bake in a preheated oven at 350ºF  for 40-45 minutes or until a toothpick comes out clean on inserting.
4.Cool on a wire rack .slice when completely cooled.

If the yogurt is too runny then u might have to adjust the cake mixture with a tablespoon more of self rising flour.

This is a soft yummy cake I am sure u will fall in love with it .You can frost it if u want .I love it just the way it is .
Do tell me what it reminds u of.

2 Replies to “Yogurt and orange cake”

  1. Anonymous

    Hi Meena
    I am a biginner in cakes and similar foods.
    How long to preheat oven for cakes.is it same time for pizza as well? .I think heating an empty oven means preheting. which mode I should select for cake and pizza?. grill or convecton?(silly questions….!!) please help me. do you have any veg.pizza receipe? Thanks. Mini, Sharjah

  2. Meena Kumar

    Hi Mini,
    Preheating is heating an empty oven I usually go for 10 minutes.I use an oven in my cooking range I just set it to the temperature specified in the recipe that is if I am baking a cake that needs 350F I preheat in the 350 itself.If temp is too high the cake mixture will dry out and if the temp is lower then the rising action will not take place well.Usually cakes bake at 300-350 degree Fahrenheit and pizza needs higher temp like 400-450F. Hope that helps.Do check ur oven manual or google with brand name and model number as I am not familiar with other oven settings.
    Mini,there is no silly question in cooking all of us learn like this so don't worry.
    Will post veg pizza recipe in a few days.
    Thank you so much for stopping by.

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