Watermelon sorbet

Imagine u went out to run errands come back home toasted in the sun ,ready to gobble up some ice to cool off .Here is a  small treat for your good self for completing the to do list.Just remember to make the sorbet before u leave home 🙂

Ok i know making in pairs sounds good.So here is one for you and one for me:)


watermelon -1/4 piece of 1 whole
lime juice-1/2 of 1 lime
sugar-2 tbsp


Mix well everything together in a blender.Take a wide mouthed container pour it ,put lid (preferably tight one so no smell from freezer gets in) and freeze it.
Give it enough time to harden well.then scrape out the ice with fork and scoop out the crystals with a an ice cream scooper  .Give it a good press towards the side of the container so that it form the shape.Take a chilled glass put the sorbet in it and enjoy with a sprig of mint and a slice of lime.


Best eaten the same day.
I find it tasting different  when i store in freezer for more than a day.

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