Peechinga chutney /Beerakai chutney / Ridge gourd chutney/Chinese okra chutney

The first time I had peechinga chutney was at a get together.I was clueless about the main ingredient in it and my friends kept saying ,”Meena! you can never guess what veg is used.”I was not ready when they said its Chinese okra/Peechinga.

This is an Andhra style preparation but anybody who wants to be pleasantly surprised can try it .

I did not know peechinga had so much flavor….
Ok now you guess what happened towards the end of the gathering.I was handed over the all the remaining beerakai chutney there, as if for me to say I cannot have anymoreSmileys 
Just kidding …we used to have the most enjoyable time at their place..

Please pick a tender peechinga/Chinese okra or you would end up with grassy chutney.Once mature the veg gets so fibrous that it can be turned into a loofah..Smileys


Peechinga-1 (tender)chopped
onion-1 chopped
urad dal-2 tsp
tamarind -1 tsp
whole red chili-1
cumin seeds-1 tsp
salt to taste


1.Heat oil add urad dal let it golden brown then onion chopped and all the rest of the ingredients let it cook and let peechinga turn tender then let it cool down .Grind to paste.
2.Season with mustard.whole red chili and curry leaves if u like.I usually leave out the seasoning.
I raved so much about such a simple stuff but if you tried this after reading my page I am sure u will get back to me because it is so amazing how a cactus looking veg can taste .


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