Cream of mushroom soup

Rich, creamy mushroom soup is hard for one to avoid .It is so delicious that every time we see mushroom in the store I get an order from my girl to make it.

We had been to Universal Studios and on our way back we decided to dine at Wolfgang Puck Cafe.There wasn’t much of a rush as it was week day and we were meeting our friends after years so we called the place our own.As we ordered food and as we waited we were served a small bowl of  cream of mushroom soup,the best of its kind as chef’s special at no additional  charge.hmm..lil skeptical naaa..but It was awesome I must admit,it was rich and creamy.

Though I have had mushroom soup earlier this one caught my attention so I decided to give it a try with my own version trying to recreate the same magic.


Mushroom-regular white-15 numbers
Onion -1/2 of one white
butter 2 tsp
garlic -3-4 flakes(crushed)
pepper and salt to taste
All purpose flour-1 tbsp
Whole milk-1 cup
thyme dried a pinch
parsley dried a pnch
green spring onion-few
parsley leaves-few
Cream- optional


1.Heat oil in a pan add garlic saute till raw smell goes then onion chopped till it becomes transparent finally mushroom chopped saute for few minutes and cook it cover adding little water and cook till mushroom is done .When cool grind it kind of paste.

2.Heat another pan add butter in slow flame then add all purpose flour and saute it without getting burnt.When the flour gets a nice buttery smell add milk little by little and break lumps if any let this boil and cook until it becomes creamy.

3.Mix 1 and 2 and keep stirring add thyme and parsley dried,salt and pepper .Add water let it boil and thicken to required consistency then remove from flame garnish with fresh parsley leaves and spring onions chopped.

Serve hot on a cold day with freshly baked bread or with garlic flavored croutons.

Do let me know if u liked it and suggestions too…

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